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The Challenge: Sequel Home Based Care

Our experience tells us that Home Care Agencies deal with Carers who tend to work short shifts, often as little as one hour. Funding is often sourced from government organisations. Sometimes from a community organisation. Sometimes from a relative of the client. Often from a combination of all three!

For Sequel Home Based Care, this meant utilising multiple systems and wasting staff time on inefficient business processes.

Our Solution

GoalMaker Software solutions were engaged to provide a custom solution that integrated and enhanced their existing systems, and incorporated mobile and web technology.

Increased Efficiency

We created an automatic scheduling system which managed the entire process of matching Carers to Clients based on suitability and availability.

Enhanced Flexibility

We designed integrated web and mobile applications which means:

  • Carers can now view all future bookings and confirm timesheets via a web portal.
  • Carer Managers can now allocate and re-allocate shifts via any browser including from a tablet or smartphone.
  • Sequel Home Based Care can automatically send details of a selected booking by SMS or email to the Carer including time, address and additional care information.

Higher Quality Service Provision

We created a detailed stakeholder management system, which now means Sequel Home Based Care can:

  • Keep details on Clients such as medical notes, contact history, key dates, scheduling frequency and specific task details.
  • Manage Carer information including full contact history, availability, and contact method.
  • Improve their relationships with referring Agencies by tracking key contacts, billing history and links to all referred Clients.

Improved Financial Accounting

We incorporated a specialised accounting and payroll system which integrated with all other systems. Sequel Home Based care can now:

  • Link multiple pay and charge rates to task type, overtime and additional allowances.
  • Invoice in multiple ways to allow for partial agency funding.
  • Easily reconcile timesheets and subsequent billing.

Brighter Future

With our custom GSS Home Carer Solution now up and running, Sequel Home Based care are saving time and money. They are also equipped to tackle the challenges of the future.

Do You Need a Better Way?

Comprising state-of-the-art databases with multi-user functionality, this powerful and elegant system can do the same for your agency.

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